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    Water ski racing

    September 15 is the last day of the 18th World Water ski Racing Championships at Puerto Colon, Tenerife, with three World Champions already to have come out of the contest.

    15.09.2013 - Australians Trudy Stoud, Wayne Mawer and Rachel Stapleton have all achieved top slot in their sections, leaving few chances for the other competitors.

    Trudy Stoud, in boat 24, takes the Open Women title, with Kathrin Ortlieb in boat 11 in second place.

    Fellow Australian Rachel Stapleton held fast to win the Women’s Juniors and Wayne Mawer took the F1 Mens Open, his third World Title.

    Each team, formed by one skier, one driver and one observer, races a circuit bounded by beacons four times each, in a boat with around 1,300 hp that can reach up to 110 mph.

    Almost 350 competitors and over 30 racing boats from countries such as Australia, USA, New Zealand, Great Britain, Belgium, Austria, Holland, France, Germany and Spain take part in the competition. It is the first time it has been held in the Canary Islands, where the battle continues for the final results today


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